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About us

Apex Alliance pursues a targeted investment approach in hotel assets in selected Baltic and Central Eastern European (CEE) growth markets. Apex Alliance develops, re-positions and sells attractive properties in the target markets, aiming to capitalize on the continued and increasing demand for modern and comfortable hotels in these countries driven by strong economic growth and the investment backlog in the hotel sector. Properties in prime locations experience the least demand seasonality. As a result, real estate in prime locations is more liquid and less susceptible to market turbulence. Apex Alliance specializes in the area by expanding carefully only to markets with familiar business practices and mentality. Geographical proximity also brings the benefits of efficiency and solid legal framework of the EU.

Our team

Apex Alliance team has unrivaled experience and know-how in the hotel business, having developed and operated 12 hotel in the Baltic states and Romania.
Arunas Beleska
Arunas Beleska
Senior Partner

Professional investor and manager of real estate investments in hospitality and residential industry, telecommunications and energy industries with more than 16 years experience. More than 10 years of experience of professional trading of securities in stocks all over the world. Arunas is responsible for the general management of the Apex and oversees all phases of the investment process from deal sourcing to real estate development, to pre-opening management and operations quality control. He is also member of the Investment Committee and has 15 years of experience in the development and management of hotels and has developed 12 hotel chain in the Baltics and Romania.

Vytautas Drumelis
Vytautas Drumelis

7 years of experience in financial forecasting, resource allocation, accounting and control in the hotel industry, lately as CFO of a hotel operator. Vytautas is responsible for the financial management and administration of the Fund and all financial and risk management aspects of the investment process. Also he is responsible for all operational aspects of the hotel assets of Apex Alliance.

Augustinas Barauskas
Augustinas Barauskas

Responsible for management of branded hotels, developed by the company or as third party hotel management company. Directly involved in acquisitions, administration of projects development, hotel management and operations. Responsible for effective implementation of international hotels standards in each managed hotel.

Patrick Schilder
Patrick Schilder

Responsible for keeping the company in good standing, controlling and supervising of the company day-to-day activities. Patrick is also supervising of the timely manner for company compliance and filing processes, preparing and presenting of monthly management reports on business activities of the company. He is communicating and negotiating with governmental institutions and banks in the Netherlands on behalf of the company.


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